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Industrial Control Solutions


In view of the development trend of lightweight, precision and integration of electrical connection components, the traditional standardized manufacturing equipment has been unable to meet the needs of high-end electrical connection components. Combining years of experience accumulation and the core concept of lean production, the company widely applies industrial engineering theory to the production and manufacturing process to form a complete set of production management system. At the same time, in order to adapt to the new trend of industry development, the company has set up an equipment development department, relying on its own manufacturing experience to form an equipment automation design scheme, and to purchase customized automatic production equipment from upstream equipment manufacturers. Through the development and design of automation solutions and the procurement of customized automatic sleeve plastic shell equipment, high-voltage high-current crimping equipment, terminal crimping machine equipment and other high-precision, high-complex structure of automation equipment, so that industrial control of electrical connection components of the traditional manual operation mode of products into the era of automated production.

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